Baby Soothing

Designed to Keep your Baby Calm by providing for the need of sucking in babies and also helping in both breast and bottle feeding with out creation nipple confusion.

MAM works closely with paediatric dentists and orthodontists to develop and design pacifiers for babies of all ages. Our pacifiers are anatomically correct, adapting to the baby's mouth so the pacifier is always in the proper position. A curved shield, big air holes and an innovative inside surface all comfort baby and help prevent skin irritation. All MAM pacifiers also feature a soft silicone nipple that feels more like mom and an anti-slip surface that helps keep the pacifier in baby's mouth.  

 Sucking is the natural instinct for a baby. Its much easier to calm down the baby when you give them the dummy. its proven that sucking reduces the Sudden Infant Death Syndrome as well.   



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