MAM Feed and Soothe Set

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The MAM Feed and Soothe Set includes 4 x Anticolic self-sterilising bottles (2x 160ml and 2x 260ml), and 2 x matching MAM 0 + M soothers with the same silk silicone teats as the bottles.

• Suitable from birth.
• Reduces colic thanks to the vented base.
• Very easy cleaning self-sterilising in the microwave.
• Easy switch between breastfeeding and bottle.
• Silk slow flow teat.
• Set includes 2 x 160ml anti-colic bottles 2 x 260ml anti-colic bottles and 2 x soothers.
• BPA-free.


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MAM Feed and Soothe Set

The MAM feed and Soothe Set includes a selection of anti-colic bottles, two soothers, and slow flow teats. The bottles in this handy set are also self-sterilising when popped in the microwave. The MAM feed and soothe set has been designed to make it as easy as possible to switch your baby between breastfeeding and bottle feeding.

The bottles come complete with a slow-flow silk teat which up to 94% of babies happily accept. The bottle is vented to ensure a smooth drink flow helping to reduce the symptoms of colic and for extra convenience, they can be placed in a microwave after cleaning them and they will self-sterilise. The MAM feed and soothe set also comes complete with two soothers for your little one.

MAM soother:
Extra soft teat for easy switch between mum and MAM. Patented silicone surface for a soft silky feeling.

Anti-colic bottle:
The vented base of the bottle helps to minimise colic by reducing air swallowing. Leak-proof caps, silk teat, and self-sterilising in easy steps. Designs on the bottle may vary. Ivory colour available

Pack Contents:
2 x Silicone Newborn soothers, 2 x Anti-colic self-sterilising bottles – 160 ml, 2 x Anti-colic self-sterilising bottles – 260 ml.

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35 in stock

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BabyNest Product Reviews

“Huge Reduction in wind after first bottle: My baby had bad colic and every bottle was followed by crying, fussing and/or discomfort. He hated the Dr Brown’s teats but after the first bottle using the Mam anti-colic bottle he was visibly less distressed. My mother was with me at the time and also noticed the difference.
Cannot recommend enough – the teat seems to perfectly mimic a nipple, they are easy to clean, self sterilising, and cute bottles too!”

-KathrynHeintz5 out of 5, 08/07/2015