MAM Flagship Dummies 4 – 24m 2 Pk

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Your baby will love MAM’s Flagship Dummies unique function and design.

● Orthodontically correct MAM teat ideal for baby’s jaw and teeth development.
● Created of high-quality silicone for great soothing comfort.
● Scientifically proven 94% acceptance rate.
● Soft-sided rims are ideal to chew on.
● Unique variety of images on dummies.
● Easy to hold knob.


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MAM Flagship Dummies 4 – 24m 2 Pk

These innovative MAM Flagship Dummies are made alongside leading dental experts and research with the International Children Medical Research Society to ensure healthy oral development.

Available in a 2pk, the MAM Flagship Dummies are created with a curved shield which is designed to sit comfortably in your baby’s mouth. The specially designed orthodontic MAM teat’s silky soft and feels like real skin making sure that your baby’s tooth and jaw development is not compromised.

MAM’s patented Silk Teat™ nipple is specially designed to feel instinctively familiar to baby for optimal comfort and reduced nipple confusion. They hold a 94% acceptance rate and feature soft sided rims which are ideal to chew on and satisfy your baby’s chewing needs.

Flagship Dummies are skin-friendly and feature larger air holes allowing the baby’s skin to breathe. They also reduce redness and irritation around the mouth. They have a unique variety of images that you will enjoy and feature an easy to hold button that is both quick and easy to handle as well as allows for the easy attachment of a soother clip.

Ideal for Healthy Oral Development:
MAM Flagship Dummies feature an orthodontically correct nipple design which perfectly fit to the baby’s mouth while providing the greatest amount of safety and comfort. With a 94% acceptance rate each nipple individually adapts to the baby’s mouth so it’s always positioned correctly.

Easy to Clean:
MAM Flagship Dummies are top-rack dishwasher friendly. They arrive in an easy-to-use sterilising box which can also be used as a travel case. In order to sterilise the soothers all you need to do is place them inside the box with the indicated amount of water on the package and microwave as directed. If you place them in the microwave for 3 minutes the dummies will be sterilised for approximately 48 hours.


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