EverEarth toys are created for learning, love and fun for families around the world.

EverEarth is passionately committed to the health and happiness of your family – and of mother earth.

Their goal is for us to learn about sustainability together, do our bit for a greener environment together and create special memories together.

Ever Earth - Baby Nest

Do you remember...

… the endless hours of joy your childhood toys brought you? That wooden rocking chair that you imagined riding through the woods on? That wooden dog that was your best friend and followed you everywhere? Those wooden blocks that you used to build your dream home?

Notice a similar word? Wooden. Natural, sustainable and long lasting. Because we know it’s the end of the world (AKA meltdown central) when your little one’s plastic toy breaks after only five minutes of play.

Or the guilty feeling you have when so many plastic toys end up in the Council clean up, faded and worn.

EverEarth want to take you back to your younger days. And take your child with you. They want you to play together and play with them forever. And they want you to feel comfort in knowing no harmful chemicals are used, guaranteeing your children’s safety.

What makes EverEarth different?

EverEarth is a brand built on integrity and commitment.

Integrity: To use only the most environmentally friendly products, made with sustainable timber or abundant bamboo from their own FSC certified plantation forest. They use non-toxic water-based paint on all toys and the packaging is at least 70% recycled. EverEarth company practises ethical labour and eco-friendly production methods so you can feel really good buying them and at the right price too is a bonus for families.

Commitment: To endless fun for children around the world! Commitment to their families. Commitment to mother earth as well! Their vision is to teach children and parents more about the environment we live in – and they are passionate about achieving that.

Their commitment to you and to the world

There are so many commitments that EverEarth achieves:

  • Their toys are made exclusively from sustainable, environmentally friendly materials
  • There are no harmful chemicals – guaranteeing your children’s safety
  • They strive to protect the health of Mother Nature every day
  • They have spent years campaigning to preserve our forests
Ever Earth


“EverEarth toys are like no other. So many brands claim they are ‘eco-friendly’ but they simply aren’t. EverEarth is truly sustainable, ethical and built with your child’s learning and growth in mind.

We love that they take us back to our childhood and can be used by all of our children and passed onto our grandchildren and great grandchildren, too!”

BabyNest Product Reviews

I’ve never been much for online shopping, I find some sites are a little too confusing and the customer service on some is well non-existent. But not babynest, their website layout is easy to navigate, they have great customer service and a lot of baby products to choose from. Plus there is free shipping for orders of $100 and over. How great is that.

-Taz, 06/09/2012