The original developmental toy company

For 40 years, US brand Sassy has been a leading innovator of children’s educational toys and products in over 30 countries, helping children to learn and to thrive.

Sassy creates fun, engaging and industry awarded toys.

Sassy is the first brand to use a balanced approach to form and design elements using the foundation of Early Childhood Development.

Since the launch of the SASSY SEAT in 1982, Sassy has expanded its line to include developmental toys, feeding and baby care products and disposables.


What makes SASSY different?

SASSY creates fun, engaging toys that have won numerous industry awards. Sassy toys aid in hand-eye coordination and improve motor skills and sensory perception.

This is what sets Sassy apart from its competitors. The Sassy brand is more than a series of ‘black and white stripes’ or ‘happy smiley faces’.

There is a harmony – which creates a sensory experience that will engage and stimulate your baby’s senses!


BABYNEST says ...

“Sassy are INNOVATIVE, pioneering and have been distributed in over 30 countries for 40 years … and are great quality.”