MAM baby products have been helping parents successfully soothe and feed their babies for over 40 years. Theirs is a proud history of innovation – with MAM’s focus directed firmly on the health and care of the child.

A bold vision

Back in 1976, plastics engineer and devoted family man Peter Rohrig found a gap in the baby product market.

Nice-looking, functional baby products just didn’t exist.

He found that you could either have a nice-looking design – which did nothing for your baby or you could have a medically proven functional design, which was large and laborious and quite simply, unattractive.

He decided to change this, and together with scientists, medical professionals and designers developed a soother

that set new standards in terms of design and function. And this set the framework and teamwork for everything MAM is today.


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What makes MAM different?

MAM has always cared deeply about the product at every level – material, quality, functionality. The product needed to serve a purpose and earn its place on the shelf.

For over 40 years, MAM has been striving to support the individual developmental needs of every child in the best way possible and to make day to day baby care easier for parents.

And they continually strive to solve the day to day problems parents are faced with.

The result is a product range of exceptional quality and functionality.

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Industry leaders and pioneers

There are so many firsts in MAM’s history.

MAM was the first to produce:

  • a range of dummies for premature babies
  • a range of anti-colic bottles that actually fulfilled their promise and purpose
  • products that were BPA free – well before industry standards were set
mam anti colic bottles Australia


“MAM is the only brand out there that truly does what it claims to do … helps reduce colic in babies by using a vented base. Other brands make the claim but MAM has found the solution that works. 89% of mums came back saying ‘yes it worked’.”

MAM Product Reviews on BabyNest

Babynest sell one of my most favourite baby products which I have used for all 3 of my children from dummies, bottles to teething products.. Mam has helped my children with Colic and easy cleaning of bottles. I love these products and recommend babynest for anyone wanting great service and easy transactions.

-Lyticia Freshwater, 24/02/2018

Fantastic place to purchase from. Shipping was super quick and they were great to deal with � MAM Anti-colic bottles are fantastic and Baby Nest was the perfect place to buy our replacement pieces when we couldnt get them anywhere else

-Simone Downes, 28/08/2018

After weeks of my then newborn non stop screaming and not getting much help from professionals who gladly took my money I decided to try my 5th brand of bottle which was MAM anti colic. I wish I had known about these to start off with , would have saved me atleast a thousand dollars � definitely the best bottle ever invented, worked a treat for my little one. Would never go back to any other brand.

-Rachel Mitchell , 04/04/2018

When we introduced bottle feeding to my firstborn, she took the MAM bottles right away and that was the only bottle we used in her first year. Also I love how I could sterilize the bottles in a microwave rather than having to get a separate sterilizer for our small kitchen. Will definitely recommend MAM to any mothers who plan to use bottles at any stage of their babies’ life.

-Sandra Pang, 28/03/2018

People have told me this website is great and i am going to purchase from here for alot of things for my baby. My baby has reflux and i am wanting to use the mam bottles. I have used one that a friend lent me and my baby loved it. Website is easy to use love it.

-Kristina Roberts, 08/05/2018

I had my first child in 2004 she was a few months old when I got my first mam self sterilizing bottle and she loved it. I never had a problem with her brining up her wind and I found them so easy to clean. So when I found out I was expecting another bub I looked at no other bottle but MAM

-Stacey Gealy-Steinhardt , 28/03/2018

🙂 now due for bub number 6 in about 2 months time so again i will be stocking up with MAM as I know they help make feeding easier and baby happy

-Veta Lazaridis , 28/03/2018

Perfect little bottle for my daughter who would not take any other bottle. She is breastfed and will only drink from this bottle. Great size and the teat is very soothing for my daughter.

-Karyndi-Jae Kuelahway , 05/05/2018

MAM Anti-colic bottles with silk teats are just the best! My special needs daughter was unable to feed from any other bottle and I tried MAM and we’ve never looked back!

-Ashlea Harkins, 04/04/2018

Such a great informative page! I can’t wait to travel to your shop in the next month!! 9 years ago I used Mam bottles and dummies for my son. The anti-colic bottles were brilliant, and such a welcome change from others we had tried. With him having reflux, it was nice to know we could remove the added pain of colic from his world.Mam dummies were also our favourite.2 years later I went straight to Mam for my daughter, who suffered from reflux and lactose intolerance. It was comforting to know that yet again, we were removing the discomfort of colic for her. The Mam dummies (in particular the Mam Air) were once again our favourites.Now I have a newborn and Mam products have been within arms reach from the time our newest daughter was just hours old.Whilst breastfed, she takes EBM from a Mam bottle with no hesitation at all…and the dummies…oh the dummies! How we love them!With yet another reflux baby I know that sucking helps, and the only dummies I can guarantee she’ll take…yup…Mam!!

-Shelley Duggan , 15/11/2017

I used the MAM bottles in the UK with my little boy five years ago and they were brilliant. Now I have an 8 week old and we are living in Australia and was so happy to find these bottles here. They are absolutely brilliant. Great for baby, easy to use and brilliant for when you are out as you can sterilise on the go so you don’t need tablets and extra bottles etc. We use the dummies which are also fantastic – especially the glow in the dark ones for at night! The feeding products are also brilliant and in lovely bright colours. Cannot recommend these products more highly.

-Georgina Woodcock , 28/03/2018

I tried almost every bottle and dummy on the market, in-store and online for my little dude. MAM was the only one that worked, anti colic and so easy to sterilize!! Glow in the dark dummies have been a lifesaver on those grizzly nights ��

-Sophia Nicolaou , 05/06/2018

The self sterilising bottles are fantastic ! My baby was getting terrible wind pain and reflux with other bottles & as soon as we switched to MAM has had no problems ever since! I’m forever ducking out to buy more teats and pacifiers ! The sippy cups are also by far the best on the market !

-Kathleen Kovach , 03/04/2018

Both my babies liked mam bottles for the odd time they need to have a bottle. And I love the self sterilising bottles. They were a lifesaver one night at 3am when my son was 3 weeks old and I had to express due to pain and all it took was 3 minutes in the microwave to sterilise! Thanks Mam!

-Amelia-Jayne Day , 31/03/2018

Would love to say a big thank you to MAM who kindly sent our baby a new pack of dummies last week. We mentioned we were down to our very last one in a post as we had lost one of our last two at the grocery store not long ago. We were treating her last dummy like gold. � We were so grateful for the catalogues & the great products this company sells. The designs are so cute & our baby girl had not attached to a dummy the way she did with MAM. I sincerely hope to see the return of MAM products back in our Australian retail stores. Your prints, range and quality are wonderful & am so glad we found these products! �Thanks MAM!

-Bryana Lovett , 18/03/2018

Mam bottles are fantastic, I used them with both my children, currently with my 7month old son, love that they are so easy to clean and they deff help with wind in our little dude. Wouldn’t use any other brand.

-Simone Downes, 03/04/2018

LOVE the customer service provided by Baby Mam and not to mention the super fast delivery. My delivery arrrived today and both children couldn’t be happier with the goodies received. �����

-Sharni-Lee Robson, 05/06/2018

Wouldn’t use anything else! Our boy has loved MAM bottles and dummies since birth, and we have recommended them to so Many friends and mum groups with great success!

-Claire Sherwood, 11/06/2018

The best bottles I have used! Super convenient as they are self sterilising & my baby has less wind! I recommend these to everyone!

-Bianca Louise Mckenzie , 29/03/2018

I was gifted a MAM anti-colic bottle for my first baby after she was unsettled after feeds. The bottle was great, she was much more settled after feeds and slept much better!

-Anna Totoo, 01/04/2018

I love the bottles and dummies. I’ve had mine for 2 yrs now. But 1 problem and I’ve been chasing now for awhile. I can not find the white anti-colic seal disc at the bottom of the bottles anywhere. They only place I found them is eBay and it’s cheaper to buy 2 new large bottles. I already have 20 I don’t need anymore.

-Julie Thornton, 17/11/2018

I used MAM bottles with my first son who suffered with reflux. There was a marked improvement once we started using MAM bottles.

-Lauren Andrews, 03/04/2018

Love love love. My little one benefited so much from me switching to MAM bottles when she was going through the windy stage, plus her fussyness. I only wish I used them sooner. Also even though the perfect soother has been hard for me to find in store I still am in love with it. I love the design and I feel like it is going to be heaps better for little miss and her teeth. It’s a shame MAM isn’t more well known because a lot of parents and bubbas could benefit from switching to this brand.

-Camilla Angelina, 20/12/2016

Both my babies have used mam anti colic bottles, mam dummies and dummy clips from the start. Both took to them straight away.The anti colic bottles are great and my mum when has had 6 kids also swears by these bottles. Plus they have such cute designs on everything!

-Emma Gaga-Leigh Ellis , 01/01/1970

We’ve used MAM bottles for both babies and won’t ever look back! It’s the first bottle our eldest ever took easily after being tube fed when she was born

-Tabitha Skye Johnstone, 17/09/2016

After 7 weeks of trying every bottle and teat on the market this is the only bottle my grandaughter would take thankyou mam my daughter can finally get back to work

-Tracy Danger , 02/08/2018

My son will only take mam bottles and dummies. So glad we got given them as a gift for our babyshower.

-Tamara Mason , 12/09/2016

My baby grow up with Mum!!! All products are great…. Love it …. The best

-Hristina Nikolovska-Kotevska , 27/09/2016

Bub will only take these dummies.He loves the MAM air

-Rebecca Amy Innes , 28/07/2016