MAM Teething Cloth

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• MAM Teething Cloth to clean baby’s mouth after feeds and massage gums at the onset of teething.
• Cleans baby’s mouth and first teeth.
• Massages sensitive gums.
• Made from special extra-soft materials.
• BPA-free.
• Rabbit design entertains and educates the baby.
• Microfiber material to remove plaque.


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MAM Teething Cloth

MAM Oral Care Teething Cloth helps to clean your baby’s mouth from birth. Even before teeth develop, the rabbit moves plaque and bacteria. Perfect for cleaning first teeth or massaging sensitive gums. Simply slip your finger into one of the ears and you can clean your baby’s mouth. Even back areas can be reached easily. It is recommended by children’s dentists that baby’s mouth is cleaned regularly from the day they are day born to remove bacteria and get baby accustomed to regular teeth cleaning routine. This is why designers have developed the innovative Teething Cloth.


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