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Child Development specialists Drs Jerome and Dorothy Singer developed the extraordinary range of Lamaze toys in conjunction with Lamaze International, and based on the Lamaze Infant Development System.

Lamaze toys and soft books – sparking little triumphs for babies and for parents – are brought to you in partnership with TOMY.

Let your baby flourish with the Lamaze infant toys, expertly designed to encourage daily discoveries through independent and shared play. Lamaze make it easy for you to choose the products that are developmentally appropriate and most enjoyable for your baby with color-coded age grades featured on all packaging.

What makes Lamaze different?

Lamaze Infant Development System

It comes down to science and development stages.  Lamaze toys are developed around the Lamaze Infant Development System which consists of three developmental themes:

  • Awakening the senses from birth to 24 months
  • Exploring and experimenting from 6 to 24 months
  • Moving and doing from 9 to 24 months

From your  baby’s earliest weeks through the active toddler years, you’ll always find a Lamaze toy that is “just right”. Lamaze toys can inspire your baby to reach new developmental milestones.

Lamaze and Baby Nest

BabyNest says

‘We chose the LAMAZE brand for the play value, safety, quality and developmental aspect of Lamaze toys. ‘

‘And their soft toys are a standout. Lovely, cute and colourful’  

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