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Toys for 9-12 month olds

Every day is different for your baby as she discovers new abilities during this age. It’s a time of movement, chatty babble and exploration.

And there’s so much you can do to make playtime about fun and learning for both of you.

Mother playing with baby

Practice makes perfect

Continue to give your baby tummy time if she is not crawling. It’s easier now for your bub to change position, to roll and to sit up.

Remember, each baby will crawl when she’s ready, not before!  So enjoy the stage you are at and use play to encourage development.  Put a brightly coloured toy just out of her reach and it will encourage her to move towards it.

Your baby may be pulling up to stand while holding onto furniture, so give her lots of time to practise.

Now that your baby is more active, encourage movement with toys that use her body. Pull along toys, balls, a cardboard box to crawl through are all great options. Your baby’s hand coordination will improve too as she tries to grab at the pull-along rope.

Bath toy

More than just a bath toy

When your baby can sit on her own, bath time is even more fun! She will be very happy to play with floating toys, cups and bubbles. So many bath toys help to develop thinking skills when your baby sees the water making a toy move. The cause and effect logic is part of your baby’s cognitive development.

A set of foam floating letters and numbers make learning fun.

When the shapes are wet, they stick to the tub wall to spell names and places, and numbers can be added too. Always look for sturdy and non-toxic products. Remember, it’s still essential to supervise your baby in the water at all times.

You are still your baby’s best playmate. And simple, calm activities are as important as more robust forms of play.

Reading and singing to your baby will expose her to language and rhythm. Try to position your baby so she can see your face while you read. Cloth books are still a great option. And offer the chance for your baby to explore the book after you’ve finished reading together.

Musical toy for baby

Ring a ring a rosie

Sing nursery rhythms and do the actions for your baby.

She will be very excited to watch you and will try to mimic your movements.

Musical toys also develop your baby’s sense of hearing. And because they need to be pushed or shaken to start playing, your baby will love making the music play.

Baby musical toy

A gnawing problem

Your baby may be chewing on anything as her first teeth come in. And there are many toys for teething out there. Look for age-appropriate teethers as these will occupy your bub.

By this stage she may be using her pincer grip and be able to pick up objects between her thumb and fingers. So go for a teething toy which encourages the use of her grip.

As your baby becomes more mobile, make sure your home is safe and so are the play areas. And don’t forget, you are very much still your baby’s favourite thing to play with!

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