Baby Tooth Organiser

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The baby tooth keepsake helps in organizing and saving your child’s teeth.

Key Features

  • Simple and Secure design
  • Rotating window to select the correct position to store the tooth
  • Includes a tooth chart for accurate positioning
  • Ideal for baby photo album books, memory keepsakes and scrap books
  • 55 gms, 13cm x 13cm x 1.9cm


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Baby Tooth Organiser

The Baby Tooth Organiser is a great way to save and store the child’s milk teeth. The wheel design along with the rotating plastic window makes it easy to place the teeth correctly.


The Baby Tooth Organiser is designed to keep the teeth visible. The round dented wheel is protected by a clear protective rotating wheel which can be moved around to access the exact location. The wheel can be set to the default position which locks and secures the organiser. It is just 1.9cm in thickness making it ideal for memory books, photo albums and even as a standalone keepsake.

Baby Tooth Chart

A baby tooth chart at the back helps parents to identify the correct location on the organiser. It also indicates the appropriate age for the teeth shedding helping in monitor the healthy growth of the child’s teeth.

Why do the baby product experts at BabyNest recommend Baby Tooth Organiser?

The job of the tooth fairy is made easy!! The keepsake ensures that the teeth are not lost over time as a pleasant reminder of the child’s growth. The happy memories can be cherished for years to come by placing the organiser in the memory albums as it has a very slim form. With the space given for special notes, the dates and messages can be written on the back for a sentimental value.

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