Time to turn up the fun!

Toys for 6-9 months

Toys for 6-9 months

From around six months, the way your baby plays becomes busier, noisier and messier. That’s because she is learning that her actions make things happen.

Banging a toy on the table makes a noise. Dropping the toy makes someone pick it up.

She can shuffle or roll towards a toy that’s out of her reach. Time to turn up the fun! This is an exciting stage in your baby’s development.

She will go from grasping objects with her whole hand to holding smaller things between her thumb and forefinger. She will stretch her arms out to be lifted up. Your baby will respond to peek-a-boo and start to turn around when you call her name. This is the time to give her lots of things to touch, play with and safely put in her mouth.

Splash and Squirt

Splash and squirt!

Your baby will love any toys she can pour, scoop or squirt.

And water play encourages her fine motor skills as well as her imagination.

Bath toys where your baby uses water to make something happen will help her understand cause and effect. Any safe and small containers can be used for bath time play.

Or look for an innovative and safe brand.

Your baby will love pouring water over a flower pot which triggers a growing flower to rise and a wheel to spin as the water flows out of the bottom.

Stacks of Fun

Stacks of fun

Stacking rings and nesting cups will get lots of use from your baby during this developmental play stage.

They test her fine motor skills as well as having different textures to explore and shapes to stack.

You can start by showing your baby what to do and then letting her try.

She will learn just from exploring the shape and texture before she even begins to stack them.

Look for a set of rings in bold colours to help with developing eyesight.

While you’re playing with your baby, try describing what she is doing using simple words.

She will be excited by the sound of your voice, and you’re helping with her speech development.

Encourage Movement

Encourage movement

As your baby begins the huge milestones of sitting to rolling to shuffling and then to crawling, any toys which help develop her gross motor skills are excellent.

Balls that you can roll along the floor will encourage your baby to move. And toys with wheels which you or your baby can touch and then follow across the floor are another fun option.

Toys for 6-9 month old babies

Toys to learn

Toys which are developmentally appropriate stimulate your baby to try new things and this helps your baby to discover her abilities and reach her milestones.

We believe in offering only the safest and most innovative brands which will also awaken your baby’s imagination and stimulate her mind.

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