Who wants to play?

3 month old baby

Toys for 3-6 months age range

You’ve made it through the first three months of parenthood – so give yourself a huge high five! And look at how much your little bub has grown and changed in those months, too. She’s chatty and curious and loves being with you. By three months old your baby is making a whole range of sounds, and she’s reaching out for things and touching them.

She may be rolling over or she may be taking things at a slower pace. Each bub is on an individual journey of development. Your job is to make her experience as fun and enriching as possible.

Your little explorer is beginning to discover her own world. This is where you get to play, too!

Music to her ears

Many of the tools of the trade for baby’s development are already with you. Talk to your baby – tell her what you are doing or read out loud to her.

Even though your baby can’t understand what you are saying, she loves listening to your voice and will try to copy the way your mouth moves.

Don’t forget singing as well. You’ll see her kick her legs and wave her arms excitedly.

Toys that make music or offer different sounds help to develop your baby’s cognitive skills.

She’ll learn cause and effect – and that the effect of hitting a particular toy is getting to hear pleasant sounds. And she’ll learn that different objects have different sounds.

Baby rattle toy

Rattle and Roll

From three to four months, you’ll notice your baby playing with her fingers and holding objects for a short time. Put a bright toy within her reach so she can accidentally touch it, then try to touch it again on purpose. A rattle will quickly get your baby’s attention and encourage her to grasp and hold an object.

If you choose wooden toys then make sure the paint or stain finish is safe.

The EverEarth Wooden Rattle is saliva resistant and finished with non-toxic, water-based paints and stains.

Be aware that babies often roll over by the time they are four or five months and can get into danger quickly. So make sure that your baby is not left alone unless she is in a safe place.

Baby tummy time

Lift and reach

Tummy time is still important to strengthen your baby’s muscles and help her prepare for crawling.

Now your baby will lift her head and chest when she’s on her tummy. Put a toy nearby so your baby will look at it and try to reach for it. The contrasting patterns on the Sassy Sensory Ball Set help to promote your baby’s vision and the different textures of the balls encourage your baby to touch and grasp each one.

Try some tummy time without a nappy so your baby can kick her legs freely.

Make sure you’ve got a nappy ready or have laid your bub on a towel, in case of accidents!

Baby teether

A mouthful of discovery

From three months, your baby will use her mouth to explore her world. She’ll try to put her hands and anything else in her mouth and this means more saliva. But it doesn’t necessarily mean she’s teething. What it does mean is that your baby may swallow something or it could cause her to choke.

There’s a huge variation in when a first tooth might appear, usually around six months, but there are always early teethers (from around four months) and late starters.

So be very aware of choosing toys which are age-appropriate and definitely none with small parts or parts which can be detached. Look for the label on a toy which tells you what age range it is suitable for.

Teethers which are suitable from three months are an excellent option as they serve both to encourage your baby’s awareness of her mouth and stimulate the gums. The Sassy Freezies Terry Teether is a unique new teether idea, made from washcloths. Your baby will explore the various textures and shapes of the Freezies Teether with her mouth. Try holding the teether in front of your baby, so she can see the shape and begin to feel the textures.

3 month old baby

How much play is too much?

Be careful not to overstimulate your bub. This can happen easily at this age.

A sign of too much excitement may be when your baby starts to cry.

So just be aware and consider some quiet time to calm her down if you feel she’s over stimulated.

For toys that will encourage your baby’s growth from three to six months, get in touch or browse our online baby store – we’re here to help.